Willits Community Television Inc.
Channels 3, 64 & 65
in Willits, California.
Free Speech Through Community Media.


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Program Guide






Our new video-hosting site has several ways to access the videos we have online.



1. Click on the link to our “Profile” below 

This will show you our information, a list of  how many videos we have uploaded.
Click where it says “videos” this will give you a list of all uploaded videos in the order they were uploaded, or you can sort by duration etc.
"Appearances" is where a producer has uploaded a video and linked it to our profile.




2. Or click the below link to access  “Channels” where we have grouped videos together by subject etc.  
This can also be found on our main profile under "more"

this will take you to a list of the “Channels” we have created.
These are organized  by year archive/per show/subject etc.  



Opening Hours:-

Willits  Community Television Inc.
85 E. Commercial St., Willits, CA 95490

Phone/Fax 707 459-2528